Evergreen Veterinary Hospital

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Award winning companion animal veterinary hospital located in Centerville Ohio. Treating dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, and pocket pets

Our friendly hospital is growing. From time to time we have employment opportunities available. These are a mix of established and growth positions. When applying for these positions please let us know you did your research on our company and found information on our website.  All positions are subject to drug testing.  Ability to understand and follow instructions is very important -- many candidates distinguish themselves by demonstrating these skills in their cover letter sent by US Mail with their resume. (Please mark your letter Attn: Hospital administrator.) Smiles, skills, sincerity, and Saturdays are required for these team-oriented positions.

>  Veterinarian --  Current positions are filled --   Our veterinarians orchestrate the delivery of patient care and client education to provide optimum care based on the pet owner's concurrence.  The veterinarians use their full range of skills including: diagnosing companion animal health problems, vaccinating against diseases, medicating animals suffering from infections or illnesses, treating and dressing wounds, performing surgery, advocating for the patient, and advising owners about a wide variety of companion animal topics including animal life cycle, disease, feeding, behavior, and breeding. Current OH veterinary license required. We continue to grow and may have a position for an additional PT veterinarian.  Send cover letter and resume, highlighting any special veterinary interests, by US mail in confidence.

Veterinary Technician -- Current positions are filled -- Our VTs are key players on the health care provider team supporting the delivery of patient care, providing client education, and helping make the team run effectively and efficiently.  These positions provide an opportunity to use a full range of veterinary technician skills including: surgery preparation and assisting, anesthesia, radiology, laboratory, dental cleaning, nursing, out-patient services, client education, and leadership.  Requires current OH veterinary technician license.  (If you do not have a current Ohio veterinary technician license you must clearly state this in your cover letter. Potential qualifications may be stated, however, they must be clearly stated as such.)  Must have good people and communication skills. Send cover letter and resume by US mail in confidence.

>  Veterinary Assistant -- Current positions are filled ( looking for staff members to grow into these positions ) -- Our assistants have client service experience at this hospital, show an ability to maintain CSA skills while gaining experience in supporting primarily exam / pharmacy tasks, and demonstrate a desire and ability to learn medical support oriented skills.  VAs learn and provide more detailed client education presentations.  VAs can also learn and work with RVTs on exam / pharmacy / surgery / treatment tasks as required. VAs must be able to seamlessly shift between client service and medical support skills and duties to maintain a smooth flow in the hospital. Many of our VAs have grown professionally to become veterinary technicians. Apply by showing an interest in growing from a CSA position (see below.)

>  Client Services Associate --  Open FT / PT -- Our CSAs choreograph the flow of clients and patients into and out of the hospital.  They use a full range of client service skills including: greeting and working with clients, managing computerized records and conducting office tasks, data entry, receiving payments, assisting veterinarians and staff members, handling and walking companion animals, providing care and comfort to pets, learning and providing client education presentations, helping clients learn about their pets, and cleaning.  Must have good people and communication skills, be willing and able to work in a team environment, and be able to handle a busy patient load while maintaining a good sense of humor. Send cover letter and resume by US mail in confidence.

> Seasonal Staff Positions --  Open FT / PT -- Seasonal CSA / VA. These positions are targeted for people seeking a career in veterinary medicine – an applied science career field. Apply through US Mail.