Evergreen Veterinary Hospital

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Award winning companion animal veterinary hospital located in Centerville Ohio. Treating dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, and pocket pets


Would you like to be a client? Are you a client with a new pet? These are our new client and new patient forms. Please make an appointment and fill-in the appropriate form(s) prior to your appointment. Need help? Please arrive a little early so our staff can help you with the forms. We work by appointment -- your arriving on time will help us provide better service to all. For established clients please only fill-in your new patient form for your new pet.


Thinking about boarding your pet? Please call to make your pet's boarding appointment. Would you like to fill-in the paperwork early? This is our most requested form, the boarding check-in form, for you to fill-in before coming for your pet's boarding appointment.

  * We only board for established clients and current veterinarian-administered vaccines are required.

  * Please consider making your own "master" with your common information so you only have to fill-in the upcoming appointment specifics each time.


Are you looking for an opportunity to learn about careers in veterinary medicine?  These are some of the requirements for job shadowing.  The requirements are tailored to be achievable by a person in the eighth (8th) grade or greater.  A Shadow Emergency Information Sheet is included, should be filled prior to job shadowing, and a copy kept by emergency contacts/parents/guardians in case of emergency.  (If you are not our client, do not live in our community, or do not plan on moving into our community we suggest seeking a job shadow opportunity with your veterinarian; contact them for their requirements.)  We reserve the right to accept or deny any applicant.  If you are looking for a job please see our "Employment" tab, top of the page.  Once a person applies for a job at a business they are not eligible for a job shadow at the same business.

* Note:  Forms are clickable in their Titles.